BIBGrabber -saveTo (-Y) (-S) (-D #) (-L) (-W) (-region: code) (-R attributes (-renameString)) (-help)
  • -saveTo folder:
    • specify where to save the image files
  • -Y:
    • if the saving folder do not exists, create it
  • -S:
    • silent mode, do not output stats/results in console
  • -L:
    • set last downloaded image as lock screen (1)
  • -W:
    • set last downloaded image as desktop wallpaper (1)
  • -D #:
    • keep the size of the saving folder to # files - deleting the oldest
  • -region code:
    • download images specifics to a region (i.e.: en-US, ja-JP, etc.), if blank uses your internet option language setting (2)
  • -R attribute:
    • rename the file using different styles:
      • d the current date and time
      • c the image caption
      • sA a string with alphabetic seq
      • sN string with numeric sequence
  • -renameString string:
    • the string to use as prefix for sequential renaming - requires -R sA or -R sN
  • -help:
    • shows the list of options available

(1): This feature it's only available for Windows 8.x systems,
the image will be saved in the system's temp folder if the saveTo option is not specified
note that wallpaper image shuffle and lockscreen slide show will be disabled using this

(2): For a list of valid region/culture please refer to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee825488%28v=cs.20%29.aspx

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