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In a nutshell
BIB Grabber it's a small desktop app utility to download the wonderful daily background images from Bing, you can save the images,set as wallpaper and much more

What it does
Download the hi-res image background from BING, store it in a folder so it can be used as a wallpaper or lockscreen.

You can set a task in the Windows Scheduler to run the app and download the image daily, this can be either stored in a folder or in the Temp folder. The image can be renamed using a number of methods.

You can also specify whether you want the last downloaded image to become your wallpaper.

You can choose to download images from different regions of BING as they all have different and wonderful images, just use the region/culture option.

The utility must run with elevated privileges (i.e. Run As Administrator)

Work in Progress
I'm working in implementing a way to set the image as lockscreen, you can see already some code in the main program.cs file but I'm having some issue with this and still working on it.

How it works
Please see the Documentation wiki

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